What is EasyFRRf?

EasyFRRf is a software tool to calculate the (real time) primary production on basis of FRRf data (Fast Repetition Rate fluorescence Chelsea Technologies) in combination with Kd (light attenuation in the water column) and PAR (hourly daylight). EasyFRRf runs automatically in the basic version Matlab and can run many FRRf files within minutes.

Why EasyFRRf is recommended?

(Data input in FRRf .csv format and sensor Kd and PAR-data (import of sensor data needs probably some custom made software)

To facilitate complex data handling in order to calculate primary production

  • Several Light curve characteristics are individually calculated
  • Data is interpolated in time
  • Data is calculated over the water column

To save amounts of time

  • It will cost only minutes to calculate hundreds of FRRf measurements

To calculate primary production real time for autonomously running systems

To report – put figures on the internet real time for autonomously running systems

EasyFRRf software