EasyEcoScan scans for outliers in your continously collected (flow cytometric) data during ‘live’ analysis or afterwards. This ‘live’ scanning tool is used in combination with a CytoSense, CytoSub flowcytometer and EasyClus. The total sum of particles counts per ml, chlorophyll per ml, biovolume per ml, d50 (median length of particles) and other pigment related variables, are continously scanned, filtered and monitored by using several outlier detection techniques.

Why is outlier detection interesting?

To monitor sudden changes in the field, which are caused by natural circumstances (e.g. bloom of algae, sudden silt load after heavy rainfall) or unnatural circumstances of toxins (sudden decrease in algae chlorophyll) or instrumental changes.

EasyEcoScan tool running to scan for outliers in algae data
Longer term example of given outliers. Green is no outlier, Orange = first alarm (more sensitive than red) ), Red = second alarm
Orange Alarm given in two variables : Counts only algae per ml and in Counts all particles per ml.