What is EasyDamacy?

EasyDamacy is a modeling & alarm warning software tool to estimate statistical sudden changes in the water, for example caused by chemicals in the water. Flowcytometric phytoplankton data is modeled continuously towards specific sensor data such as water temperature, oxygen and more. The model gives an alarm in case modeled phytoplankton data deviates to much from the real data. EasyDamacy runs online and automatically in the basic version Matlab as a bioassay warning system.

Why EasyDamacy is recommended?

(Data input in .cyz format and sensor data (import of sensor data needs probably some custom made software)

To act as a biological warning tool for chemicals in the water

  • Automatic update of the model
  • Automatic input of flowcytometric and sensor data
  • Warning by website
  • Warning by automatic email
  • Works on basis of the natural phytoplankton population in the water
  • Highly frequent e.g. hourly
  • For autonomous systems

The model is developed in cooperation with the Radboud University of Nijmegen, Rijkswaterstaat NL.

EasyDamacy tool made by TRP that runs the Damacy model developed by the Radboud university to run and warn on basis of ‘live’ data
EasyDamacy instant alarm (trafic lights) and longterm alarms (below) representing the difference between real sensor values and estimated sensor values on basis of modelled correlations between sensors and flowcytometric data