What is EasyClus?

EasyClus is a software tool to help you to get organized results of your flowcytometric data (data input in .fcs, .cyz .csv format). EasyClus runs in the basic version Matlab®. It will save you a lot of time. EasyClus users will get help from the developer to extract the data they need.

Why EasyClus is recommended for your flowcytometers?

  • To organize – cluster your particles/cell/algae data quickly into groups
  • To build libraries/ database and classify particles on basis of this database
  • To calculate counts, concentrations, mean/median lengths, biomass, biovolume
  • To standardize your data
  • To visualize your data
  • To check the instrument performance (only CytoSense-Sub)
  • To process in real time your analysis data & upload to a live website
  • To perform image analysis on images
  • To SAVE you a lot of time

Look at this introduction video of EasyClus in combination with a CytoSense (CytoBuoy BV) flowcytometer

Interested? You are invited to send your cytometric data file and a description of what you need to me (by wetransfer).

See also Thomas Rutten Projects and PhytoplanktonLIVE.com

More pages, examples, videos of EasyClus & EasyClus LIVE and software for FRRf will be added to this website soon.

after clustering
EasyClus Dashboard : click to do action
EasyClus Dashboard : click to cluster